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Thurible - style 4

Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 5.5 cm


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Thurible, which accompany most church rituals, are not only used in the church but also at home. For this purpose, the thurible has been used for a long time. They are used when praying for the scent of incense, which gives a feeling of being in the church for a christian worship and remembering what peace and grace falls on us there.

They are made out of metal that relies on fragrant Besme or fragrant incense on hot coals. When burned, it forms a fragrant smoke - incense. The fragrant smoke symbolizes prayer and man's love for God, ascending to heaven.

In the past, ordinary coal from the stove was placed in boilers, but they were extinguished immediately. Now they use a compressed carbon in the form of a small tablet that lights up quickly and remains red-hot for quite a long time.

In the Syriac church shop you can buy everything you need for burning at home: a variety of thuribles and Besme incense

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Weight 0,22 kg
Dimensions 14 cm

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