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Syriac Church Shop is a non-profit organization with focus on our Church history and its traditions.
Our vision is to transmit and keep our rich cultural heritage which exist in the Syriac (Orthodox) Church which has its roots in our Lord Jesus Christ.
We want to revivify the traditions we have in art as icon paintings and offer deacon and deaconess cloths which are customized according to the Syriac (Orthodox) tradition.

The selection will also exist of literature with focus on our Church history and culture.
Other items that is used during the liturgy and festive periods of the year will also be available on the webb.

The purpose of this organization is to inform about the roots of the Church and its cultural heritage which has been transmitted from the Lord Him self to the Apostles.

All sales profit will be donated to people in need around the world. Therefore you will be an helping hand when you buy from Syriac church shop The organization was founded 2018 and has its place in Stockholm, Sweden.


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